KOTA KINABALU, May 6 ― Pork prices are going up for the fifth time this year starting next week in Kota Kinabalu and the west coast of Sabah due to increase in operational costs of pig farms.

The price of pork will rise from RM20 per kilogramme (kg) last November up to RM30 per kg beginning next Monday (May 9).

A local butcher at Kota Kinabalu Central Market confirmed this on Thursday, adding that he was aware of the financial pressure faced by pig farm operators.

He said his pork supplier had informed of the price revision that would take effect on Monday.

“We (butchers) are discussing ways to cope with the price hike.

“We expect the retail prices of pork to be revised upwards by RM2 to RM4, depending on the location and facilities of the butcher shop.”

He said the price of live pig had increased from RM10.50 per kg initially to RM11.50 per kg in December 2021, RM12.50 per kg in January this year, RM13.50 per kg in February  and RM14.50 per kg in April.

“We have received notice from pig farms that the price of live pigs will increase to RM15.50 per kg  again starting next Monday.

“This is the fifth price hike for live pigs this year with an average increase of RM1 per kg each month.”

He said the price revision by pig farmers was understandable given the surge in operational costs.

For instance, he said the price of corn, the main ingredient in animal feed, had increased from RM1.25 per kg to RM2.05 per kg in January.

He said pork butchers had no choice but to revise their prices due to higher costs of live pigs from suppliers.

He said his stall at Kota Kinabalu Central Market had adjusted the prices from RM20 per kg in November to RM26 per kg.

“Starting next week, the price of pork will be revised to about RM28 per kg.”

He added that pork prices may increase to RM30 per kg depending on the butcher’s location and facilities as some operate in shops with air-conditioning.

Meanwhile, Sin Kee Bah Kut Teh owner, Chia Song Yong, said he had been informed by his supplier that the price of pork would be increased by RM2 per kg, from RM25 per kg to RM27 per kg, beginning Saturday.

He lamented that pork prices have risen twice as of late and his shop was struggling to keep up with the price hike.

“We are currently selling at RM13 for a single portion of Bah Kut Teh.

“We may revise our prices slightly when pork prices have stabilized.”

Sin Kee Bah Kut Teh, which has two branches located at Jalan Pantai and Plaza 333, last revised its prices in March this year from RM11 to RM13 for a single portion of the herbal pork soup.

Price hike aside, Chia said there was also a shortage of pork in the market.

“If we order 100kg of pork, we may only get 70kg,” he said. ― Borneo Post

Source of the news: https://www.malaymail.com/news/malaysia/2022/05/06/in-sabah-pork-prices-to-increase-for-fifth-time-this-year/2057361